Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's That Time!

In exactly 24 hours I'll be hopping on a plane bound for DC (and then on to California)! I might post while I'm in the states, but if you don't see anything from me it doesn't mean that Kuwait swallowed me alive; rather, it just means that I'm living it up for my 3.5 weeks in the states with friends and family. If you read my blog, that probably means we're friends so I will hopefully see you somewhere along my path. I'll be in California until July 31st, then Orlando from July 31-Aug 14, then Tennessee for two days, then DC for a day, and then back to Kuwait on August 17th.

I'm thrilled to be heading out. It's time. But surprisingly, I'm also a little sad to be leaving Kuwait...the past 6 weeks have been awesome. God really did cool things by bringing in several interns and visiting faculty who have quickly become good friends this summer. I can honestly say it's been the bright spot in a rather dark and lonely seven months. Sadly, they are all heading back to the states while I am gone, so I am already anticipating the loneliness of coming back here in August. But I still wouldn't trade the fun and friendship of this summer! Kuwait is a hard (so hard!) place in so many ways...but the most difficult aspect has been the fact that you just have to make friends over and over and over again because as soon as you make friends, they leave. One would think that with my nomadic background, I'd get used to it. But no. It's still hard every single time. But you grieve the loss, pick yourself up, and start looking for new friends. If you're lucky, you keep the old friends even though you now live in different corners of the world. And so life in Kuwait will continue, and I'm praying that God will bring some new friends into my life (maybe even people who will stay for a few months!). So there you have it...I'm sad to be leaving Kuwait because I've said goodbye to some great new friends in the past couple of days. But I'm so excited to be heading back over the ocean toward old friends and family. See you on the other side!

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