Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm a little bit addicted to the Arab Times, the English Language newspaper in Kuwait. I'm especially obsessed with the crime section, which contains reports ranging from the utterly ridiculous to the deeply heartbreaking. I've been saving up reports in a Word document so maybe one of these days I'll compile some of the more telling accounts. In any case, this one made me just stop and say 'huh' today.

‘Fresh’ bomb defused: Acting on information bomb disposal experts rushed to a chalet in Duba’iya and detonated a bomb, reports Al-Shahid daily. The daily quoting security sources said the bomb was fresh and someone was planning an act of sabotage.

What?! A couple weeks ago I read one about a grenade being detonated by bomb disposal experts. Now, there hasn't been an act of "sabotage" (read: terrorism) in a while in Kuwait. But little things like this make me pause. This particular gem was tucked away at the end of a long section of assorted crimes including women being arrested after advertising "temporary marriage" for 3KD (roughly $11), swine flu affecting Kuwaiti soldiers stationed in the UK (according to the report, the Brits with swine flu were hospitalized and the Kuwaitis were quarantined and had to have food deposited on their doorstep), some Indian men being arrested for selling blackmarket CDs, and a couple contractors being fined for making people work in the hot part of the afternoon. And then...BAM! Bomb defused. Makes you wonder.

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