Saturday, November 29, 2008 month!

So at about 8pm today I realized that it's November 29th...which means that one month from today I'll be on an airplane! I officially got my plane ticket on Thanksgiving morning, so everything is set! It's an exciting and sobering feeling- I'm really going! People regularly ask me how I feel about the move, and I don't really have the words to explain all my feelings...there's a lot of excitement, mixed with a solid dose of fear and anxiety. There's definitely some stress, but also an eagerness to get over there and settle into my new life! I get really excited at the idea of my work and my apartment, but the thought of finding a whole new group of friends is somewhat daunting. I've been blessed with an incredibly community of friends in Orlando- my counseling classmates, as well as an amazing group of mks that live in Orlando or live elsewhere but travel here for holidays (like Thanksgiving!). I've loved living with my family, and getting to spend time with all my siblings. So leaving hurts. Saying goodbye is painful. But on the other side of a long plane ride is an incredible new world full of crazy experiences and cool we'll see what life looks like a month from today!

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