Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chaos and packing

Here are a few pics to chronicle my packing progress...

Chai needed some good resting time in the midst of packing...suitcases make him really nervous (and he has no idea yet that he's going to be transplanted to California)!

One of many stacks of books waiting to be packed...I'm planning on bringing 6-8 suitcases(!!), and hoping to cram in as many books as possible!

Another big pile of shoes and random things waiting to be packed. It's pretty amazing how I can pack suitcase after suitcase of stuff...and my room doesn't look any different!

My first 130lbs of full suitcases! I could only cram the small red one full of 30lbs of stuff, so I'll probably need to scrap that suitcase and put everything in a bigger one with better space/weight capacity.

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donna kushner said...

I know Chai is going to miss you so much but he is going to love getting to be a global nomad dog! He is just taking after his mama and I am sure once he passes through the stages of transition he will be fine! we are proud of you (and of him too! :))