Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things you won't see in US news

As I've mentioned before, I'm a bit obsessed with the crime section of the English-language newspaper. Stories in this section give a behind-the-scenes look into some of the things that happen in this area. I thought I would share a few of the "crimes" with you...I left out quite a few of the more appalling stories in case some of my younger peeps are reading this. In any case, read closely. Notice the particular emphasis on nationality/ethnicity and social rank.

Hearing set in Asian maid’s murder by woman
The Criminal Court will listen to the argument of a lawyer defending a Kuwaiti woman who has been charged with the premeditated murder of her Asian housemaid. Case papers indicate the suspect had beaten the victim with a baton, an electric wire and an iron bar three days before her death. The witness added on the day the victim died the suspect beat the housemaid again and threw her on the floor. In the process the victim hit the stairs and was injured. The suspect then allegedly told her husband that she will take the victim to a hospital, but did not do so. She left her to bleed to death.

Maid attempts suicide:
A Sri Lankan maid was rushed to the Mubarak Al-Kabir hospital and given stomach wash after she alleged consumed a large dose of Clorox in an attempt to end her life inside her sponsor’s home in Hawalli, reports Al-Qabas daily. The maid was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. The maid has been admitted to the hospital under police guard. Police are waiting for the woman to recover to interrogate her why she wanted to end her life.

Kuwaiti punishes Egyptian man with hammer
Para-medics on Tuesday referred an Egyptian expatriate who was reported to have sustained serious head injuries after a Kuwaiti struck him on his head with a hammer in Salmiya to the Mubarak Hospital for treatment. Sources said the Kuwaiti motorist, who escaped from the scene after the incident, was angered by ‘antics’ of the victim while driving and decided to “punish” him.

Reluctant girl tears passport

Immigration officers at the Saudi border post have referred an unidentified young Kuwaiti woman to the concerned authorities for reportedly tearing her passport. It has been reported the woman was on her way to Saudi Arabia and upon reaching the border she tore off her passport because she was allegedly being taken to Saudi Arabia against her will.

Mystery shrouds death of Indian found with head injury
Police are looking for unidentified persons for killing an Indian man by hitting him on the head with a sharp object. The Indian was found in a pool of blood in an open area in Jabriya. He was taken to a hospital by an unidentified friend and he was declared dead a few hours later. Meanwhile, the victim’s relative has told the Jabriya Police Station that the man was beaten to death by his sponsor.

Suicide bid in detention
An unidentified Asian housemaid who tried to end her life inside the Surra Police Station has been referred to a hospital. Without going into details the daily said the maid was in police custody for running away from her sponsor.

Jihadists case adjourned
The Criminal Court Wednesday set July 1, 2009 to look into the State Security case No. 5/2009 which has been filed against two Kuwaitis, two Saudis, a non-Kuwaiti, and an Iraqi. The men are charged with recruiting youths to fight a holy war against the US forces in Afghanistan.

Young, mentally-ill girl strangles herself to death
A 20-year-old mentally retarded Egyptian girl is said to have strangled herself to death. According to a report filed by the victim’s father at a police station, the father, who is a teacher of Islamic Education said, every time he goes to pray he used to tie the girl with a rope made of nylon bags to prevent her from destroying household items and hurting her younger siblings. On the day of the incident, the father continued, the victim let loose and strangled herself to death. It has been reported the father was controlling his daughter in this manner for the past 18 years. Police have registered a suicide case.

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