Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Heat Couldn't Get Worse...Or Could It?!

I'm back in Kuwait. I've been here for less than 48 hours, and already I'm melting. I just checked and it says "106, feels like 126." At 106 it's a cool day in Kuwait (it's supposed to get back up to 115-120 in the next week, PLUS humidity!). And therein lies the rub. When I left Kuwait, it was a cool 117 with dust storms and blowing hot air that felt like you just walked in front of the world's largest hair dryer. But I was used to it. I could walk from my office to Starbucks (a 1.5-minute walk outside) and be fine. But lo and behold, Kuwait was holding out on me!! There is a HUMID season! Oh the joy. Oh the happiness. Oh the sweat dripping slowly down your back as your make-up runs down your face. As the call to prayer echoes through my office window and I gaze longingly at the blue beauty of the Persian Gulf water, I am left to contemplate the coming month...Ramadan begins tomorrow (or the next day, depending on what the moon looks like tonight) and with that comes a whole new Kuwait. I plan on blogging more this weekend about my time in the states and some interesting pre-thoughts about the upcoming Ramadan season. But I leave you with this...wherever you are, whatever you are doing...just know that I am hotter and sweatier than you. That should make your day a little bit brighter. Peace!


jon and marisa said...

By the way . . . I keep meaning to tell you - I love reading your blog! :) You are in inspiration to me! Wow, I am feeling your pain with the heat . . . and I thought Thailand was bad!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'll think of you when I sweat here and know that you did it like 10x faster than me!! ;) I wanna hear how Ramadan goes. Sending love across the ocean and the desert...Jodi

miakush said...

Thanks Marisa and Jodi! I love that people actually read this! :-) Much love to you both!