Monday, July 6, 2009

When it Rains, it Pours

So it didn't literally pour (because this is Kuwait and it only rains a couple times a year), but I did wake up to the sound of rushing water. Or rather, I thought I was dreaming about water and in my half-asleep state, I wondered why I had never heard my neighbor's shower running so loudly before. It was 6:20am when my cell phone rang. I fumbled around and answered it. It was my neighbor, who casually said "did you know our hallway is flooding outside the apartments?" Let me just say, that is not what you want to hear at 6:20am. I was still a bit confused, so I sat up and asked if she had called anyone. She said the reception for her phone wasn't good enough. I hung up and ran out to the hallway. When I opened the door, it looked like the hallway was raining. There was water pouring out of the ceiling panels up and down the hallway, and the water was about an inch deep and about 2 minutes away from pouring over the ledge of my doorway into my apartment. I called back my neighbor and asked her if she had gone down to the floor below us to notify the landlord. "No, I'm in my pjamas." WHAT?! We're in the middle of a flood and you're worried about being in your pjs? Solution: call Amy. Thanks. So I threw on a tshirt, hiked up my pjamas pants, and dashed through the water. It was still pouring from the ceiling, so it was like running through a rainstorm. I ran down to the landlord's and started banging on his door. His poor wife answered the door, and I frantically told her that it was flooding. By that time, the water was leaking from my floor down into their hallway, so I think that sped up their respond a bit. I ran back upstairs and grabbed all my towels to create a barrier at the doorway. A minute later the landlord showed up and called the building harris and owner. He then ran and grabbed a squeagy mop and worked hard to keep pushing the water away from my door (he's my hero today). A minute later, the harris and owner showed up, looked around, and dashed off to the roof (I'm on the top floor) to shut off the water. Side note: they rode the elevators up and down from the 16th floor during this process...isn't it concerning that there is water pouring down the elevator shaft? Ever heard of electrocution? But I digress. By now, my landlord is soaking wet and I'm standing helplessly in my doorway watching the waterborn assault on my doorway. The harris came back and said they had shut off the water, but it just kept pouring from the ceiling. Eventually, someone figured out that it was a pipe problem with the fire extinguisher system (wow, that's comforting!) so they shut that off. The waterfall slowed to a trickle and eventually stopped. A small army of third country nationals unloaded from the aforementioned dangerous elevator and set to work mopping up the mess. By this time, I had to go get ready for work so I closed my door, picked up all electronic cords from the ground (just in case!) and re-started my day. No clue what I'll find when I get home...but I'm hoping for the best! Seriously, I think I've taken as much as this country has to offer. No more "experiences" for a while...please! I'll try to refill my energy tank (you know, the one that gets depleted by random crazy utterly ridiculous moments) while I'm in the states and come back to Kuwait with a jaunt in my step (well, I don't know about the jaunt...but it would be nice to not feel like a bus ran over me at the end of every day).

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Hi Amy good to hear from you.