Monday, July 13, 2009

And it's blowing dust

I should know better than to open up for Kuwait. I figured if I shared the miserable weather with you, it would make wherever you are seem that much more enjoyable! Aren't I nice. This is especially depressing after returning from Beirut (pictures and stories to come soon!!!) which was simply amazing. And now it's back to the blowing dust.


j.renee said...

That's pretty special. Really. Very. I do, however, notice that where our humidity usually reads "85%", yours reads "5%". Though I suppose upwards of 100 it doesn't really matter very much.

miakush said...

Yeah, thank God it's a dry heat right now. But it'll get hotter (130+) in the next month and humidity will skyrocket. I'm so excited. Really. Quite. And yes, once you hit 117+ with massive dust storms rolling in from Iraq, the humidity almost doesn't matter. Instead of choking on moisture in the air, you just choke on dust. Fun. Very.