Monday, December 8, 2008

Time to unpack some suitcases

So it's a good thing I'm a bit neurotic. I called United a week ago to check into cost for excess baggage (the university is providing me a shipping allowance to bring personal items). They told me it was $155/suitcase, up to 8 additional suitcases. Well, something was just bothering me (call it my OCD), so I decided to call back today with the EXACT same question. Low and behold, the price is now $250/suitcase!!!! That information, combined with the fact that the exchange rate for Kuwaiti dinar has been fluctuating- I think the dramatic decrease in oil prices affects their economy- means that I now have less shipping money and that every suitcase is costing $95 more! Unfortunately, I did most of my packing this weekend and now need to figure out how to decrease my total by at least one full suitcase.

So, here's your chance to vote...what should I leave behind? Options are as follows:
1. Books
2. Clothing (winter or summer gets up to 130 degrees, but also as low as the 40s during winter?!)
3. Fun international items like wood carvings from Africa that I'm taking to decorate my place
4. Shoes
5. Nothing...just make my carry-on weigh 100 pounds since there's no weight limit!

Feel free to weigh in via the comment section of this posting :-)


coachlita said...

Well, I guess the most logical for me to vote for, and considerably one of hardest ones--because I LOVE my books, would be the books. However, I truly want to vote for the last one and carry on 100 lbs. :>) Tough choice!!! Looking forward to finding out what you decide!!
Love, Lita

Amanda Morgan said...

I say leave the clothes. You can probably buy lots of cheap priced locally appropriate clothes over there...but books in english in foriegn countries tend to be expensive! UNLESS check and see if they have a good un-campus library fiction section....or if the expat community has a book exchange ect. But I am a book nut so I say ditch the clothes or the shoes! Good luck!
ps- one more thought based on my year in Africa, if you are gonna bring DVD's make sure you can play them on your laptop cause the DVD players over there probably play a different type of DVD

Daniel said...

I agree with amanda... Bring your hot to trott clothes and leave some of your old stuff behind... By the way, I gotta tell you something funny. Remind me to tell you when we talk next! Love you...Sarah

donna kushner said...

I vote for shoes first, then leave a few books behind, but just a few and then I definetely do NOT vote for you to load the carry on bag up as you don't want to have back problems enroute. those are my mom thoughts :)

ZK said...

As a hobo bag packer myself, I say make your carry-on 100lbs. But that is just me.

Un Till said...

Shoes. Then clothes. I'm sure both of these you could buy afterwards. Your books and your travel items will make your place feel more like home.