Monday, December 15, 2008

6 Suitcases down...1 to GO!

So after my amazing dad weighed all 6 of my suitcases multiple times last night (it's a little over 50lbs, take something out, now it's under, add something, move that to the other suitcase, oh wait, that's over now, re weigh, re weigh, re weigh!)...I now have 6 officially packed suitcases. I got rid of a few small things...but each of the suitcases is packed to the brim. Among my more eccentric packed items is a Charlie Brown fake Christmas tree (so I can get in the holiday spirit even in Kuwait!), all SEVEN Harry Potter books (who can move overseas without bringing Harry along for the ride?!), several ebony animal carvings from my Africa travels, 4 or 5 teddy bears that I managed to steal back from the bear collection that is going to live with my cousins, and altogether too many pairs of shoes for my own good. So although my parents' entryway is now cluttered with massive numbers of suitcases, it's a great feeling to have a big chunk of stuff packed.

Now I just have to figure out how to get EVERYTHING I haven't packed yet into one 50lbs suitcase! I might have to go with the heavy carry-on option, and just find a strong man to heave it into the overhead compartment for me!


uncle yale said...

Hey Amy, you are doing a great job getting ready, can't wait to see all your stuff in your apartment in Kuwait. Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy I am so excited for you. Wow living where the action of the gospel is. I am looking forward to hearing from you. If you have an e-mail mailing list, please put me on that. Stay well.

Donna said...

yes it was tough parting with all those teddy bears wasn't it? but they are going to a good family! We are so proud of you and excited for this next adventure, and can't wait to visit!