Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I made it to Kuwait!!

So this is my first official post from Kuwait! I'll keep it fairly short...with lots more to come later. My apartment DOES have internet, which is awesome. But it's not currently working, which is not so awesome. Anyway, the wireless devices have been installed, but the company is trying to fix the snafoos. In the meantime, the landlord was kind enough to lend me a wireless usb device for the afternoon!

My trip from Orlando to Kuwait was pretty easy. No major problems, and all SEVEN of my suitcases made it fine! I was met at the plane and escorted through passport control and customs. A gal from my department met me at the airport and drove me to my apartment, which is great!! I've slowly been unpacking, and can't wait to post some pics for all of you! Those should be coming as soon as I have more consistent internet. Aside from the internet, the only other snafoo was a lack of hot water. So that made for a very cold shower this morning. I did find out that not having hot water is not normal, so the workmen are supposed to be coming tonight (whew!).

I definitely appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I go into the next few days. Once I was alone in my apartment last night, I was just hit by a huge wave of homesickness. I did lots of crying and journaling, and am feeling a tiny bit better today. But I'm really missing my family and friends. I've been struggling with some doubts over this decision...wondering how I ended up on the other side of the world! I definitely know this is the right place for me...but at this moment in time I'm just feeling sad. This is all part of transition and will eventually pass...but making it through this time of sadness is hard!!

Ok, time to sign off from this particular post. But there will be lots more to come soon! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and am so thankful to have so many amazing people that have been a part of my life!

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Pavan said...

Through out this New Year wishing each new day in kuwait brings for you Happiness, Prosperity and continued Success with God Bless.