Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just saying hello

This is going to be a short blog post tonight. I had big plans to write up a couple fun stories, but my creative energy has been in short supply the past couple of weeks and now it's 11pm and I'm sleepy! But I wanted to at least say a quick hello to my loyal readers. Everything is going well over here in the sandbox. Today on the way home from work I managed to avoid hitting 2 cars, 6 pedestrians and 3 thoroughly mangy street cats that all decided to run out (or drive out) in front of my car. All this during a 6 minute commute home. Sometimes it feels like bumper cars out there...too bad it's bumper cars at 80mph. This week we will start up with a new group of girls at the embassy where we are doing the 7 Habits course along with the rug and jewelry making. I'm excited (and slightly exhausted) at the thought! I do have a bunch more pictures from the embassy, so I'll post a few of those soon as well. Sorry the posts have been slow in coming lately. They blocked blogger again at work (they seem to block and unblock it with impunity, depending on their moods!) that's why it takes a bit more effort to sit down and catch up on this. The weather is starting to change (it was over 100 a couple weeks ago!), but then we got another whiff of spring and we're back down in the 80s. I say, hold off on 130 degree weather as long as possible! I've noticed that my car is definitely showing the wear and tear of living in this climate. I've had it for 11 months now (and no accidents! whoo hoo!)...and it's trucking along but the paint is peeling and the inside looks like it's slowly melting. Keep in mind that it's not even an old car...made in 2007 and barely driven til I got it! I guess even steel can't hold up in this weather. I wonder if it does the same thing to people...are my insides slowly melting away under a veneer of sand?? Scary thought. Anyway, I'm off to sleep. Stay posted for stories and pics soon!

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