Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Glimpse into Reality in Kuwait

A friend of a friend snapped this picture while driving in Kuwait. It's a police car, and there are several southeast asian women crammed into the trunk. Most likely, these are runaway maids who didn't make it to the embassy for asylum before they were picked up by the police. Of course, it could be something else...maybe they were picked up for committing a crime or for some other reason, but the highest likelihood is that they were grabbed off the street for running away. And regardless of the reason, in what world is it acceptable for them to be thrown into the trunk of a police vehicle along with the grocery bags? I've heard stories of what these women go through when they get to the police station, and it's never a good situation.


Danica said...

Amy! So glad you updated! It's been a while! That was a really sad post but was really interesting to read bacause I am learning about JUST this in my Social Justice class! We just had a long discussion time about the injustice going on in the world and how horrible it is when the police are involved! Thank you for sharing this, I think I may actually share it with my teacher!
Love you

Anonymous said...
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donna kushner said...

wow that is SO sad! It is so hard to believe that so much of the world has women who experience horrible stuff like this. thanks for helping us be more aware. love you!