Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hilarious (sarcasm intended)...

I absolutely had to post this article from Kuwait's daily english newspaper. Maybe (just maybe!) this is why it takes forever for anything to get done. Enjoy!

‘30,000 public sector staff paid without going to duty’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 14: There are indications an estimated 30,000 workers from the ministries and government agencies have not been to their offices for several years. Similarly over 20,000 ministry workers spend an average of two or three hours daily at work without any medical reports to support them. They only arrive there to fingerprint or punch cards, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. A source revealed those employees return home immediately after they have completed the fingerprint attendance, and depend on others to sign out for them at the end of working hours.

The people who help them in the act do it because they are blood relations, friends or for financial gain at the end of the month. He stressed the 30,000 absentee employees collect their full salaries and entitlements, due to their families’ political weights in various constituencies. He said some dedicated undersecretaries and directors are determined to punish the employees and force them to be punctual, but orders from above warned them against any untoward actions in that regard, and stated they threaten the senior officials with transfer to locations where they would be rendered irrelevant.

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uncle yale said...

this story is absolutely crazy! wow, not going to work for TWO YEARS and still getting paid. I guess you need to laugh!