Saturday, May 30, 2009

The New Place!

Here are a few pics from the new apartment. I'm especially proud of the curtains in the bedroom...I had to choose the color and have them made (and I'm a bit challenged in the color-department). But I think they came out nice! There are some views of the building (mine is the top floor apartment in the middle), the view of the city, the roundabout (I'll try to get a picture of it during traffic time soon), and of course the apartment. When we have a clear non-dusty day, I'll take some more pics of the view since you can see the water from here. The kitchen is fun since it's about 3 times the size of my old kitchen and has an american-style pass-through. Of course, I'm not exactly a chef so it probably won't ever be used as a pass-through, but still fun. Oooh, and there's a Dunkin Donuts going in right across the street...I'm going to have to ration myself :-)


Sheri said...

Nice looking apartment Amy. [sigh of relief for you to finally be settled in there]. Hope it ends up being a nice place to live. Sending you a hug.
is your job a year-round job or a school-year job? How many months of the year will you be living in this place?

miakush said...

Hi Sheri! Yes, my job is year-round so this will be my place as long as I stay in Kuwait and working at the university. I get about 5 weeks vacation per year, so I'll use that to come home for about 3 weeks this summer. But the rest of the time I get to live in my beautiful new apartment! And yes, HUGE sigh of relief to finally be settled! Maybe I'll even hang some stuff up on the wall :-)

donna Kushner said...

your place looks great, sorry I am a bit behind on reading the blog but am catching up tonight! love the blue curtains and how fun that there is a dunkin donuts! too bad that wasn't there when we were there! love you much! -mom