Friday, May 1, 2009

A little taste of culture

In an attempt to understand one part of this culture, I recently bought a full traditional wardrobe for women, including the abaya (robe), hijab (head scarf) and nikab (face covering). Here are a few pictures from the other night. I had to take the pictures myself, so some of them aren't the greatest. I won't go into detail in this post on my thoughts about the covering and women in the Middle East; however, I can certainly say from my own 10 minute experience in this outfit that it is stifling and clausterphobic. I felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen, and that my own persona disappeared into a veil of black.


donna kushner said...

I am so glad that this is not how you have to live, I felt the same way just in the robe and scarf when we visited the holy site that day. Isn't it wonderful the freedom that we have?

Brenda said...

Your eyes are so beautiful Amy. I can't imagine having to wear this outfit in such hot weather. Why is it the men can wear whatever they want?