Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Rain

It rained today. I know, I know...What's so great about rain that it would deserve it's very own blog post title? Well, let me tell a country where rain is a rare occurrence, the pounding sheets of falling water were a relief. Those first few drops were disgusting- large dirty blobs of water carrying the dusty pollution from high in the sky. But as the morning went on and it continued to rain, everything just smelled good! And to top it all off, there was thunder! According to one of my coworkers, that only happens once or twice a year. As an Orlando girl for the past three years, that thunder was a little taste of home.

And so I welcome the rain on a good day. My parents are coming tonight! Yup, all the way from the states (via Istanbul). I'm so excited to see them...and I think I'll finally get out and do some of the Kuwait tourist stuff! Whenever I live in a new place, I never get around to seeing the sights until someone comes to visit. So this will be a good excuse to see the area, take some fun pictures, eat some good food...and have a whole week to spend with my folks! Pictures and stories to follow soon...

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